Hi! ✌️ Today we make the better version for Windows – Monosnap 3.6.36  🎉

📥 Download Monosnap 3.6.36 📥


Whats new?

    • Fixed bug: files upload with hided dropzone
    • Fixed bug: all screenshots added to a clipboard after capturing
    • Fixed bugs associated with multiple displays
    • Improved design for Monosnap’s settings

Settings 2018-04-17 20.33.27

    • Added hotkey for option “Capture last area”


    • Added hotkeys for saving [Ctrl+S] & uploading [Ctrl+U] in the video preview window
    • Added opportunity to capture square screenshots for “Capture area” tool in the quick mode
    • Added new autosave settings Autosave after capturing a screenshot. The option allows automatically save all screenshots to the selected folder

Settings 2018-04-17 20.29.28

    • Fixed bug with resizing of “Feedback” window
    • Removed notifications after saving files


📥 Download Monosnap 3.6.36 📥

📧 Let us know what you think by contacting support@monosnap.com 📧

Thanks to our users for supporting and using Monosnap!
Stay tuned for our updates!