In this guide you will learn how to install and be authorized in the Monosnap, as well as get acquainted with the basic functionality of Monosnap.

mono for win


Go to this link to download Monosnap. Follow all instructions and open Monosnap after installation.

Note: Monosnap’s icon Tray iconwill appear in the tray. Also you can find the dropzone  Dropzone in the right bottom corner of the desktop.



To log in Monosnap, click on the dropzone or icon in the tray and select Settings – Account. If you have never passed the registration procedure at the Monosnap site, in the window that appears, click Create account to create an account e-mail or press in the FB_button button to create an account via Facebook.


If you already have account, click Login. Then enter your login and password in the Monosnap. Don’t worry, if you forget the password of your account. It can always be restored.


Beginning of work

Open Monosnap and click on the Tray icon icon in the tray or on the Dropzone dropzone to open the drop-down menu.


Here you can see next options:

  • Capture Area allows to make a screenshot of separate window or selected area of your screen. Hotkey: Alt+Ctrl+5. Capture Area has several additional modes:
      1. Capture separate window by one click.
      2. Select screen area and hold Shift to select square area.
      3. Select screen area and hold Alt to turn on frozen mode. Frozen mode gives you additional 5 sec. to capture screenshot. This mode is useful when you want to capture drop-down menu, for example.
      4. Press Ctrl+С to copy color.


  • Capture Fullscreen – allows to make a screenshot of full screen. Hotkey: Alt+Ctrl+6.

Note: If you connected multiple monitors, Capture Fullscreen will catch the area of all monitors.

  • Open image allows to open any image with Monosnap Image Editor.
  • Upload file allows to upload any file with Monosnap.
  • Record Video allows to record video. Here you can find:
    1. btRec.png button to start video recording.
    2. btPause.png button to pause video recording.
    3. btPaint.png tools for drawing during the video recording.
    4. btCam.png button to turn on/off webcam. You can switch webcam during video recording.
    5. btGear.png button to open settings. You can set up quality of video recording, connect webcam and sound sources.

After you stop a video recording, the window Recorded video opens. Here you can play, save and upload recorded video to Monosnap storage, SFTP, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3


  • Webcamera allows to make selfie or record video from your web-cam.
  • Hide dropzone or Show dropzone allow to hide or show dropzone on your desktop. Hotkey: Alt+Ctrl+F.
  • Open editor opens Monosnap Image Editor with latest screenshot which was made on your mac. Hotkey: Alt+Ctrl+0. If you hover the cursor to the any button of Monosnap Image Editor, you’ll find hints with hotkeys.
    Monosnap 2016-09-12 17.14.08
    Using Monosnap Image Editor, you can:

    1. Add different graphic elements such as arrows, lines and text.
    2. Undo Undo.png  or Redo Redo.png your latest actions.
    3. Add to an existing screenshot one or more other +.png.
    4. Type name and extension of your screenshot.
    5. Use Monosnap 2016-09-12 17.20.18 tools for drawing.
    6. Use Monosnap 2016-09-12 17.24.50 blur tool.
    7. Use Monosnap 2016-09-12 17.25.24 crop tool.
    8. Use Monosnap 2016-09-12 17.25.51 resize tool.
    9. save.png screenshot.
    10. upload.png screenshot to default storage.
    11. With бутер.png button you can upload the screenshot to the selected storage.
    12. With btGear.png button you can:
      • Print a screenshot.
      • Copy image to clipboard and Paste image from clipboard.
      • Shadow to image allows to add shadow to all image.
      • Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.
      • Add image allows to paste any selected image to a screenshot.


  • Latest Uploads is list where you can find last uploaded with Monosnap files. Here you can find:
    1. Small preview of file
    2. File’s name
    3. Date and time of upload
    4. By pointing on the arrow open menu where you can find next options:
      • Open in the Editor allows to open a image in Monosnap Image Editor.
      • Copy link to the file to clipboard
      • Copy shortlink to the file to clipboardDesktop 2016-09-12 18.19.18
    5. Monosnap storage open Monosnap’s storage in your browser. Here you can create folders with New folder button for more suitable storage and search of files.

Monosnap storage_1
Monosnap storage_2

Also, you can move and delete any file from Monosnap storage. Just select any or several and press Move or Delete.

Monosnap storage_3

  • Settings…
    Default settings in Monosnap.
    Settings 2016-09-12 18.29.50
    Let stop on some important points. You can set up next options:
  1. Actions after screenshots and after upload
    Desktop 2016-09-12 18.47.19
    Desktop 2016-09-12 18.50.36
  2. Save in … format. This option allows to choose format of your screenshots (PNG or JPEG).
  3. Filename template. This template will be pasted in the name of file every time.
  4. Always save to folder.
    Settings 2016-09-12 18.30.41
  5. Hotkeys
    Settings 2016-09-12 18.36.59
  • Account. Here you can set up connection to a third-party cloud services. There is list of third-party cloud services which are free: Amazon S3, WebDAV, FTP and SFTP. Using radio button you can set up default service. Also there is a guide in our blog: How to create Amazon S3 account and connect it to Monosnap.
    Settings 2016-09-12 18.37.32 copy
  • Feedback. Here you can leave your questions about Monosnap, suggestions and etc. Don’t forget to type your contact e-mail and check Attach Logs item. Logs will help us to us to understand your problem.
    Settings 2016-09-12 18.39.17