In this guide you will learn how to record video with Monosnap on Mac. Let’s get started!


At first it’s necessary to mention that Monosnap can record system audio and audio from mic. In this guide you’ll find more information about audio recording.

You can find Record Video tool in the main Monosnap’s drop-down menu. Choose Record video.1

After that in the main bar the cam icon and recording window will appear. In the drop-down menu, under camyou can find next options:

  1. Start recording
  2. Show settings. Also you can find bt_settings button in the recording window
  3. Switch to full screen mode or Switch to windowed mode
  4. Quit video recorder


Settings. As you can see in the previous image you can adjust next options:

    1. Number frames per second
    2. Recording quality
    3. Capture mouse cursor and clicks
    4. Show or hide webcam
    5. Connect audio inputs. More info about audio recording you can find in this guide.

Resizing recording area. There are several ways you can do it:

  1. Manually. Just click & drag.
  2. If you want to fit recording area to separate window, choose Capture area tool and click with holding ⌥ on required window.
  3. In the main bar, click on the cam icon and choose Switch to the full screen mode.

Recording video. All setups is over. Click on the bt_record button or go to the main bar and choose the cam icon > Start recording. After starting recording video you’ll see:

  • Edge of recording area become red
  • Under recording area, tool bar appear
  • Recording time starts counting


In the Tool bar, you can find:

  1. Arrow tool and Rectangle tool. You can highlight something important on the video with them. All drawing will disappear after some time.
  2. bt_record button is used to finish recording.
  3. bt_pause button is used to stop recording. Edge of recording area become green during the pause.

Also you can use the drop-down menu under the cam icon to start/finish or pause/resume recording.

After finishing recording video Monosnap window with preview will appear.

Here you can:

  1. Play your video
  2. Set up video extension to .mp4 or .gif. If video is too long, saving video in .gif format take some time. Don’t worry.
  3. bt_save your video. Also you can save video with drag-mefeature. More info about this feature you can find here.
  4. bt_upload your video to default storage.
  5. Upload video to external storages or services such as YouTube with %d0%b1%d1%83%d1%82%d0%b5%d1%80 button.