Hello everyone!
Today we are pleased to present a major update for our Windows application.

Game support (DirectX 9,10,11 and OpenGl)

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Now Monosnap lets you take screenshots not only of your usual apps, but also of your favorite games.

After the start of the new version, you will find “Monosnap for games” icon on your desktop. This application will require administrator rights and allow the program to be integrated into fullscreen games.
Screenshot “Monosnap for Games 2013-07-03 13.38.24” 2013-07-03 13-40-11

Monosnap automatically finds the running game. After that, you can take screenshots of any game, built on DX9, 10, 11 or OpenGL, by pressing F11 or Home button. The label with the hotkeys will appear as soon as our software detects the game:
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It makes no difference whether it’s Sims, Counter-Strike: GO, WOW or Diablo. You will always have to press one button to take a screenshot.


What’s next?
We’ve finished the huge amount of work, which will help us to build a complete solution for gamers.
Monosnap will customize hotkeys, publish your screenshots during the game, record a video, and make video streaming.

Filename Templates

Now you can customize file names. You’ll get a lot of information about the image, which can be shuffled in a file name in any way:
Your applications for Windows will be updated automatically. Those who only met Monosnap, can download the client here: http://static.monosnap.com/windows/Monosnap.msi