Hi there!

We’re glad to announce you about update for Windows – Monosnap 3.6.0!
Download Monosnap 3.6.0

Note! Please don’t forget to uninstall the previous version!


What’s new?

Image editor:

  1. Added hotkeys for resizing objects – Ctrl+] and Ctrl+[
  2. Added pasting text from clipboard for text tools

Video recording:

  1. Video recording libraries were changed
  2. Burger button for uploading was added to the video preview window
  3. Re-record video option fixed


  1. Improved interface
    Settings 2018-03-29 13.50.11
  2. Added option Close editor after upload or saving to the General tab
  3. Added button Reset settings – reset all including account settings
  4. Filename template apply to both screenshots and videosru
  5. Added option Add upload option to the context menu to the Interface tab
  6. Added extended settings for the dropzoneen
  7. Added Reset hotkeys button to the Hotkeys taben


  1. Added new mode for Capture area tool that works more faster. To enable this mode go to Settings > Interface: Capture area modeJmHiMvjHIzgCoYrrOSSi9lxkUsX7bU
  2. Improved interface for 4k displays
  3. Added auto-update feature
  4. Option Open from clipboard was added to the main menuen
  5. Added blocking global hotkeys
  6. Added uninstaller
  7. Dropzone location is saved automatically
  8. Progress bar was moved to the dropzone for Win 10
  9. Added notifications after copying color
  10.  Screenshot name was limited to 255 chars
  11. Minor fixes and changes

Let us know what you think by contacting support@monosnap.com

Thanks to our users for supporting and using Monosnap!
Stay tuned for our updates!