Hi there!

Today Monosnap was updated to version 3.4.10. What’s new? 🙂

— New export/import format for AWS S3 settings


  Note: settings from 3.4.10 doesn’t work in version 3.4.9

— Added ability to open the last screenshot after restarting the app
— Added ‘Capture Previous Area’ to the status bar menu
— Added new hotkey ‘Capture & add previous area’. Option allows adding the previous area to the image editor

2en— Added autosave settings for recording window
— Changed minimum available size for all draw tools
— Minor changes in AWS S3 account window
— Fixed registration from the app
— Fixed ‘Text’ tool for image editor
— Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements


Let us know what you think by contacting support@monosnap.com.

Thanks to our users for supporting and using Monosnap!
Stay tuned for our updates!