Hi there! It’s our Dev NEWS #10!https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monosnap/id540348655?mt=12

We have a good news for our users! Today a new and improved version of Monosnap has finally become available in the Mac App Store. To get this update just download here.

What do you get with the new update?

  • Ready for MacOS 10.13


  • Added chess background to the image editor
  • Added Google Drive support
  • Added iCloud smart sync. Once the image is in iCloud, you can interact with it:
    1. Upload image to the default service with the ability to copy a link to the clipboard
    2. Open the editor with a picture
    3. Display notification by clicking on which the editor will be opened with the image from iCloud

Monosnap | Advanced 2017-09-19 19-47-43

  • Added clear settings button for FTP, sFTP, WebDAV & Amazon S3 & reset all settings button in the Preferences > Advanced window

Monosnap | Account 2017-09-19 20-21-49

  • Added ability to disable animation at status bar and hide hints
  • Added option Close the editor after uploading in the Preferences > General


  • Added hotkeys for changing thickness and size in the image editor


  • Added Open from clipboard option at status bar menu


  • Added ability to dismiss Fullscreen after 10s by clicking on timer
  • Added limitations for max size of saved file name
  • Fixed high usage of CPU & GPU
  • Fixed RAM leaks
  • Fixed bugs with hotkeys for video recording
  • Fixed bugs with MPEG and GIF formats during saving
  • Fixed bug with uploading GIF files
  • Fixed bug with ‘red screenshot area’ in the editor
  • Fixed bug with uploaded images without preview to Monosnap storage
  • Fixed bug with box.com auth
  • Fixed bug with low speed of opening Monosnap folder list inside image editor
  • Updated outdated video recording and video viewing frameworks

To get this update just download here.
Let us know what you think by contacting support@monosnap.com.

Thanks to our users for supporting and using Monosnap!
Stay tuned for our updates!