Oh hey.

You asked, we’ve done it! Finally, in Monosnap 3.3.0 for OS X you can change text fonts used in the editor or add your own, if you need some very special symbols.
To do that, open Monosnap Preferences and find the “Fonts” tab:


The main font will be used by default. You can add 3 more fonts as additional, which will be used if there is no such symbol in the main one. Once changed, your new font will appear in the preview area:


In particular, previous Monosnap versions were unable to display musical symbols, as well as Arabic and Hebrew characters, but now they all can be displayed with Arial Unicode system font. However, writing from right to left is still unavailable.
In case of emergency or failure, you can easily restore default font settings and Monosnap will use that two free fonts that go with it. To do that, just hit the button below the preview area.