Today version 2.0.3 has finally become available in the Mac App Store.

What’s new?

Amazon S3 support

Screenshot 2013-06-07 13-45-04

Now you can upload files and screenshots directly into your bucket on Amazon. All you need – set the amazon account in the preferences and fill out the corresponding fields.

You may also want to read @vindia ‘s guide to set up S3 in his blog, it’s quite comrehensive.

Monosnap | Account 2013-06-07 14-24-52

Filename templates

We have received dozens of requests about how, in the opinion of users, the files should be named. And in the end we decided to leave it to your discretion.
Now all you have to do is,  make an expression like %W %Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S:

Monosnap | Advanced 2013-06-07 14-31-46

The App became faster
We had to rewrite the entire interface, in order to make it flexible, fast and ready for translation into any language. Enjoy!

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