Few month ago we wrote about our app – Monosnap. After that we receive a lot of suggestions and advices. We’ tried to hear all of them. And now we’re glad to present you second version of Monosnap!



So if you never heared about Monosnap, I’ll briefly explain to you. Monosnap – app for making screenshots, modifying and sharing them. After last overview we added to Monosnap video recording, uploading options and etc.

Let’s focus on every feature!

Working with files

We often exchange files of different types (beta versions of app, documents and statistics reports) inside our team. We always faced with limitations. Skype allows to send files, only if both of users are online. Dropbox requires that files was stored on the one place of hard drive. And after using Droplr and Cloud App we realized that we can provide a more complete solution.

So, to share files via Monosnap, you need to drag the object on the application icon (or the drop zone on Windows) and a link to the page will appear in the clipboard. Now the service is in beta testing, and no restriction on the place in our cloud.


Desktop translation

Beginng from Monosnao 1.5.0 we added desktop translations as a experiment. First realization The first implementation tooks us two weeks, and statistics showed that the function is demand.

You can see desktop translation on our site. Playback is carried out through a web sockets using HTML5 and works in any modern browser on the computer and on smartphones. There are additional tools in this mode. So, during the broadcast, you can put an arrow or circle handle fragment discussed.

Video recording

During development we often encountered a situation where screenshots were not enough to illustrate the problem. Therefore, in recent versions, we have added the ability to record and share video.


You can record video and translate desctop simultaniously. Monosnap gives us opportunity to upload video to Monosnap storage and YouTube.

In addition to global changes, we added to Monosnap’s Editor new feature.  Each tool receive new modes. For exapmple, now you can pait field rectangles and eclipse.  Also we added opportunity to upload files to ftp, sftp and webdav. In the next update we’ll add Amazon S3 supporting.

That is all. Rate these new features, you can after downloading the application:
Monosnap for Windows
Monosnap for Mac

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions (support@monosnap.com).