Hi! ✌️ Today we make the new version for MacOS – Monosnap 3.4.12  🎉

📥 Download Monosnap 3.4.12 📥


Whats new?


  • Added opportunity to type special symbols by holding buttons
  • Fixed: editor didn’t open on the current screen
  • Fixed: frozen mode behavior on several displays
  • Fixed: progress bar in the status bar menu
  • Fixed: open images with alpha
  • Fixed: hotkeys for video recording
  • Fixed: upload of .HEIC images
  • Fixed: mouse cursor disappeared after window capture
  • Fixed: image editor appeared bigger than desktop
  • Fixed: upload of images more than 10 Mb
  • Fixed: making previews for images and videos more than 10 Mb
  • Fixed: adding shadow for windows by click
  • Fixed: color display in the magnifier
  • Fixed: color rendition for saving and upload of images
  • Fixed: only images upload from clipboard
  • Fixed: preference’s saving after closing window with preferences
  • Fixed: upload of images differ from JPG/PNG
  • Fixed: memory leaks
  • Fixed: head of an image’s title was incorrect that captured in frozen mode
  • Fixed: AWS S3 secret key saves as “application password”
  • Added auto transfer AWS S3 secret key from “internet password” to “application password”
  • Added new type of video recording quality for 4k & 5k displays
  • Added hotkey [CMD+W] for a closing window with preferences
  • Added “Add shadow to image” option in the image editor
  • For AWS S3 Bucket region is selected automatically


📥 Download Monosnap 3.4.12 📥

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Thanks to our users for supporting and using Monosnap!
Stay tuned for our updates!