You can start a free store on Amazon S3 and connect it to Monosnap. Cool, isn’t it?

AWS Free Tier includes 5GB storage, 20,000 Get Requests, and 2,000 Put Requests with Amazon S3.

First, you need to have account on Amazon. Let’s get started.

  • Go to the Amazon and click on the Try Amazon S3 for free button.


  • Next you’ll be asked to register with Amazon. You need to enter the e-mail, choose I am a new user and Sign in using our secure server.


  • The next step is to type the requested account information, and then choose Create account.


  • On the Create Account page, type the requested personal information and choose Create account and Continue.


  • Next Amazon offers to type your credit or debit card number and name associated with your card. If you haven’t money on your card, you’ll not be able to continue further registration! Amazon will debit 1$ from your card to check its validity. This money will be returned to your card within two weeks.


  • On the Identity Verification page, type a phone number that you can use to accept incoming phone calls. When you’re ready to receive a call, choose Call me now; an automated system will call you.

Monosnap 2016-07-16 00-20-42

  • Type the provided PIN on your phone’s keypad. After the process has completed successfully.

    Note: You will be given several attempts to type PIN! After a series of unsuccessful attempts, the possibility of registering an account is locked for 12 hours.

Troubleshooting in Account Activation:

[spoiler intro=”Failed to verify the PIN-code using the automatic call”]

A common problem – the robot could not recognize the PIN.

  • In this case, contact AWS Support for help.
  • On the Support Center page, choose Create case.


  • On the Create case page, type required information such as in picture below. Be sure to mention any of the steps that you’ve already tried, so Support can more effectively troubleshoot the issue. Choose Phone in the Contact method item to save your time. If you choose Web in the Contact method item, you’ll receive e-mail with offering to verify the phone number on your account with a direct call from someone at AWS.

suam - Средство просмотра фотографий Windows 2016-07-14 01.15.10

  • Pass the verification process with technical support officer.
  • You’ll receive an e-mail with the link to follow further registration in 5-10 min after your verification process.


  • Choose Continue to select your support plan.

  • On the Support Plan page, choose Basic support plan, and then choose Continue.

enam7 enam8

Account Setup

  • Go to navbar choose My account – AWS Management Console.


  • On the Amazon Web Services page, choose S3. Now you need to create AWS Bucket – storage.


  • On the Welcome to Amazon Simple Storage click Create Bucket.


  • In the item Bucket Name, type unique name of your future storage. Bucket Name must contain only letters and numbers! In the item Region, choose nearest region to you and choose Create.

    Note: Remember chosen region name! It’ll be useful in future.


  • Next the page with list of storages will be open. You need to create folder for containing our screenshots. To do this click on bucket name and choose Create Folder.

s3-4 s3-5

  • Now you need to set up permission to our new folder. Find you name in the navbar and choose Security Credentials.


  • Next you’ll be offered to choose between Security Credentials and Get Started with IAM Users. You need to choose Get Started with IAM Users.


  • To create new user – click Create New Users, type user’s name and click Create. Leave check mark in front of Generate an access key for each user!

s3-8 s3-9

  • On the Create User page, you’ll see message that user(s) have been created successfully. Choose Show User Security Credentials and remember opened information. Click Download Credentials to save Access Key ID and Secret Access Key on your computer.

    Note: This security information you need for connection with Monosnap. Don’t forget to remember Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, because they will have never been shown to you again! Don’t forget to hide.

    Choose Close to move on the page with list of users.


  • Find the newly created user and click on his name.


  • In the Permission section, choose Attach Policy.


  • In appearing permission list, find and choose AmazonS3FullAccess, click Attach Policy.


Connection Amazon S3 to Monosnap.

  • Open Monosnap app, go to Preferences – Account.

  • Type a previously saved Access Key ID и Secret Access Key in the appropriate fields.

    Note: In some cases Mac OS users can’t use hotkey CMD+V. Don’t worry, use right click – paste.

  • In the Bucket Region field, type codename of chosen region. You can find codenames in Region column of the table which is given below.

AWS Regions and Endpoints - Amazon Web Services 2016-07-14 23-35-47

  • Type name of your Bucket.

  • Type path to your folder.

  • Type base URL according this formula: http://{bucket_name}{path}/


  • Test connection. If everything is fine, you’ll receive the message about successful connection.


[spoiler intro=”Error with uploading screenshots (Mac OS)”]

If you received the message about successful connection, but screenshot aren’t loading. The reason may be that the Bucket Region field is cleared. To fix that, make Amazon S3 default and upload several screenshots. After that you can make default any other service or leave Amazon S3.