Hi there!

It’s our Dev NEWS #6!

Chrome OS:

  • Added opportunity to set custom base url for Amazon S3.
  • Added feedback section in the settings.
  • Added resize image tool.
  • Added upload via context menu.
  • Scaling image tool in the image editor (in progress).
  • Full screenshots of a page at a browser (scrollable area) (in progress).
  • Fixing found bugs.


Added Resize tool to the Monosnap image editor


Added upload via context menu


Added “Contact us” tab + enabled custom base URL in Amazon S3 settings

Windows / macOS:

  • Added feature Open from clipboard.
  • Added global hotkey for Open from clipboard feature.
  • Testing new clients for Windows and macOS.
  • Fixing bugs on Windows and macOS.

Thanks to our users for supporting and using Monosnap!
Stay tuned for our updates!