Hello everyone. Today I had to write about our new site, as well as its new services and opportunities. However, tonight we had an emergency, which we are still trying to correct today.

What happened?

At about two in the morning (Moscow time) the database stopped responding to the requests. After that the investigation revealed that the hard drive with the db was corrupted. Over the next few hours we tried to get access to it, but at the time of writing the post, we still can’t do it. We appealed to the server storing the backups, and it turned out that it was out of space on March 25, and the latest replica of database is kept for that day. Therefore, for the quick recovery of the service, we had to pick up the old database and continue searching for ways to restore the hard drive.

We have undermined the work of many people and companies, and much regret about it. We are constantly engaged in the development of new functionality, and did not pay enough attention to the security of data.

We have learned a lot from this situation and at the moment we pay all our attention to:

a) Do not repeat data loss
Now we are setting up a few new servers, replicas, setting up automatic backups, setting up monitoring of servers (for example, to avoid problems with free space).
b) Restore your hard disk
We do not leave attempts to recover the lost data.

The whole team monosnap brings our sincere apologies. Updates that we planned to release today, will be available when the service will return to the usual work. Thank you for your patience.