I, as a developer, often have to take screenshots for sending bugs, to clarify some points in the designer, for presentation of the product. The easiest way you can do in these cases – cut area on the screen, mark the arrows discussed fragment and send it to the addressee.

I have tried a lot of programs, and in my opinion the perfect screenshot app must be:

  • free;
  • customize the user’s needs: hot keys, behavior, appearance;
  • have a built-in editor with arrows, rectangles, text;
  • easily work with multiple monitors;
  • have a stable online store, that don’t lose the authorisation and put in the clipboard a link to the page with the image after loading.

Skitch stolen up the closest to the implementation of all five options, but deadly integration with Evernote, some bug and the inability to run it on Windows prompted me and my friends to the development of new service. We called it Monosnap.


Next you will know more about our app.

Capturing screenshots


We wanted to take the best of the existing programs, thus making the application flexible and easy.

One of the first realized features became magnifier – square 120×120, which in 8 times increases the area around the cursor. This makes it possible to cut the screen with pixel-accuracy. Magnifier will automatically select the position so as not to leave the screen. Also we added Color picker to this multi-tool. Just use Ctrl+C/CMD+C to add appropriate color from screen to the clipboard. You can see the width and height of the future screenshot during cutting area.

The Editor

The editor include all main samples. You can select and modify every sample. Also we have added some specific tools. menu


All users capture screenshots in a different way. Someone want to open web-page with uploaded screenshot at once. Someone else used to modify screenshots before uploading. Someone used to work with short links. Also all use different hotkeys. These conditions became a serious test for us. How to create app for all without complex preferences?! And we did it! In Monosnap you can do these all and more as in the Gyazo. For example, you can open your screenshot in Photoshop (or any other app) automatically.



Monosnap runs on both Mac OS X, and on Windows. Unfortunantley, these Monosnap’s versions differ now. In the near future we will try to resolve this difference. Windows version requires .NET 3.0, OS X version need 10.10+.

Cloud storage

We use Amazon EC2 и S3 for organosation our site and storage. We offer fee hosting for images and other file’s type. Our service allows to organise files to folders, delete, share and so on. Also you can create account via Facebook.


You can connect with us via feedback form, that was placed in the settings. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions.


Site: Monosnap.com
Windows version
OS X version